Does my child have reflux?

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

As I sat down in the Nursery at 3am this morning, I looked down at the dining room chair that I use as a table (it was a temporary chair that has now been in the Nursery for 6 months, despite buying a new rocking chair.) It has become my Gaviscon prep station. As I looked at the chair, with the discarded Calpol syringe, an overspill of white powder and the stacked up bottles it resembled a crack den (not that I have ever been in one) And me with my sick stained spotty dressing gown, greasy hair and bags under my eyes I can only assume resembled someone that would frequent a crack den (although I don’t think crack den users would use the word frequent but you get the idea).

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

When the baby was about 7 weeks old, Reflux was diagnosed. Gaviscon made our lives much more bearable. But that’s not to say we haven’t had our ups and downs… but I’ll save that for next week! Sadly I didn’t find Living with Reflux until much later into our journey. This is why I am so determined to spread the word and raise awareness of this fantastic charity. There are probably people out there living with reflux who feel isolated and lost. Please share this blog and help a family who probably feel that they are the only people on this earth battling the silent and spewy demon.

As many of you will know the Living with Reflux forum on Facebook is a hugely important place for us all to share our ups and downs.

But, due to the nature of reflux, sadly we end up sharing the downs more than the ups. Reflux is no laughing matter, but I have connected with some fabulous women who have shared their stories and you can’t help but laugh when you hear them!

Our Admin team do a fabulous job of responding and supporting you, as they too are living with reflux. If you haven’t yet used the forum then please join and you are sure to find any help that you may be looking for!

Keep using the forum, support each other, but also let’s use The Big Book of Reflux as a way to be light hearted every now and then.

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

This week I want to dedicate the blog to my fellow Reflux Mummies. Mums on the front line who like me are battling and living with reflux on a daily basis. (Not forgetting the Dads… they’re not so bad really.)

I had lots of feedback from my top ten sickie moments so I am pleased to say that you have joined in and we can share the laughs together, as after all it is better than crying alone.

I am no medical professional but here is my acronym for REFLUX

Regular Expulsion of Food Leaving Us eXasperated!

So I will hand over… I warn you… don’t take a gulp of your tea as you are reading! For those that have been featured, please use the attached picture as your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to help to promote the charity.

Welcome to the first edition of the Spewzilla Chronicles

The first Mummy introducing her little Spewzilla is Lynsey Akehurst… a self proclaimed Reflux Veteran…

I have just read your Spewzilla top 10 moments blog, as a Reflux veteran and expert in spew I thought I’d add a couple of my own (I’ve had two babies both with severe reflux… I could easily go on!)

The Stealth:

The vomit you hear but then can’t see… Until you put your hand in it! Or, as happened recently, my son stealth vomited into the shopping trolley and I didn’t realise until the shop assistant went to scan the items and put her hand in puke. Needless to say. Was very apologetic!

The double disaster:

While taking my daughter’s dinner out of the oven while holding my very cranky son, I dropped the tray of fish fingers then my son proceeded to throw up on them! *sigh*

I am glad there are others who feel my pain! 

Lynsey (reflux veteran!)

Here is our second reflux Mum with a HILARIOUS anecdote.

So here we go…

Brief background my two year old at the time had struggled with reflux since few weeks old…no one seemed to believe me as she was fit and healthy….as time went on she was vomiting excessive amount daily and final we started on our road to surgery.

One lovely summer’s day my Grandma (in law) offered to take us out for lunch- not only did this fill me with dread because of the vomiting, but she is extremely posh so I knew I’d be on panic mode.
After lunch I went to the toilet and as two year olds do she wanted to see the toilet… off she trotted to the toilet with me.

The only toilet in the Bistro was a disabled loo – already feeling super guilty using it (but no other option) I sat on the loo having a tinkle when I saw my two year old head towards me with the ‘FACE OF SICK’ I didn’t get chance to move! God love her she tried to part my legs wider but failed and ended up been sick in my lady area, my knickers and jeans!

I wish is where the story ends but no…

Oh I forgot to say I was eight months pregnant at this point in time!

So this eight month pregnant whale and two year old are trapped in a disabled toilet with vomit everywhere…..the panic was unreal the sweat dripped from every inch of my body. (Think Ross from Friends with the leather jeans!)

So I ripped my knickers off… washed my jeans with lavender hand soap asked the two year old to hold them under the dryer (oh they needed some drying) whilst the knicker less pregnant whale, mopped sick from the floor-with the mind set of "sh*t this is a disabled toilet…I bet when I get out they is some disabled person been waiting ages."

The two year old did well drying the jeans I took over once the floor was "mopped" thinking this episode was nearly over….oh no to my delight my two year old slipped on the floor hit her head of the u bend which "fell off" and water was running everywhere (the bistro had only been open 2weeks ) eventually after reporting the "leak" to the manager I return to my seat to be greeted by the posh In law grandma,

"Must have been a long queue love and you smell lovely. I do like Lavender." I swear she thought I’d been for a number 2!

May I add there was not a droplet of sick on my two year old.

So the knicker less mum finished her desert, drank the coffee and laughed all the way home (after I dropped grandma home).

As I say… I hope you didn’t take a drink of your tea! How hilarious is that! Mummy Spewzilla wishes to remain anonymous, just in case Posh Grandma susses her out!

Finally we have Tina Yngvesson and her silent Refluxer Lukas who wrote a poignant letter to her son on the forum.

Lukas was perfect, as perfect as his brother had been when he was born and now we were the parents of two boys. Life was fantastic.

Life was fantastic for five weeks.

Living with reflux is like living with anything, you learn. You become efficient and effective and fierce in your approach to any problem related to it, and you manage. You make changes and you manage… Manage situations like…

… you are at your first baby swim session today. It was great. Until Lukas filled the pool with his reflux vomit. The look on the other mothers’ faces was priceless.

…You know those times when you’re on the toilet with a screaming infant spewing yellow bile on one arm and a towel on the other, trying to soothe the infant while simultaneously drying the toddler who exclaimed, the second you sat down to do that one single thirty-second wee you’ve tried to do for three-and-a-half hours, that ‘Mama! I’m done bathing now!’ and you have one second of clarity in a brain that otherwise is just scrambled with baby chaos where you can actually see your situation for what it is, and you think ‘this is what it’s come to, how on earth did I get here?’ That’s what it’s been like for me, living with yellow bile, a child that heaves for air and endless supplies of a pharmaceutical strong enough to treat a one-hundred-and-twenty pound adult.

Thank you to all of the Mums that have contributed to the first Spewzilla Chronicles. If you would like to feature in next month’s edition GET IN TOUCH!

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