Does my child have reflux?
Babies & Children Fighting Chronic Heartburn & Pain

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Jan 23, 2020
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We are Living with Reflux the UK's Independent Charity

Supporting Families with Children with Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and Reflux Disease

As parents and carers ourselves we know only to well how stressful and exhausting it can be living with a child with reflux (GOR) everyday - not just for you but for them also. We do understand the battles you face, which is why Living with Reflux charity is here to help and support you.

Understanding Reflux

Understanding Reflux

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux (GOR) and Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) are different. By definition, GOR is normal, whereas GORD is a disease...Read More

Raising Awareness of Reflux in Children

Money Giving

In June families of children who have Gastro-oesphageal Reflux and Reflux Disease ...Read More

Ridelondon Surrey

Take part in the worlds biggest cycling festival - 100 miles through London and Surrey. Join the Living with Reflux Team helping Babies and children, with chronic heartburn and server pain....Read More