Advertising Policy

Advertising Terms and Conditions Policy

All advertisements on the Living with Reflux website or on any literature are subject to this policy. Links from advertisements or logos are both subject to the same criteria.

All paid advertisements will be clearly marked under a heading of ‘Advertising’.

Prohibited Advertising

Living with Reflux Board of trustees holds the full discretion for determining the types of advertising being displayed within our website, social media sites or in literature produced by us.

We will not consider adverts or links containing:

  • Offensive material, including material that is discriminative against any race, colour, national origin, religion, disability or special needs, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Illegal products
  • Advertisements or information promoting alcohol, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gambling, pornography or tobacco.
  • Information that is/could be considered to be fraudulent, misleading or deceptive.
  • Any thing that is considered to hinder the reputation of the charity.

Living with Reflux reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or remove at anytime any advertising from the Living with Reflux website, literature or event with an explanation from the Living with Reflux Board of trustees.

Sponsored Content

Living with Reflux may use content from outside resources, when we consider the information to be relevant to our users such as therapies, medications, medical devices, health services, and other products that maybe useful or beneficial too you. Living with Reflux may receive a commercial benefit from the sponsored content. This funding supports Living with Reflux’s efforts to develop comprehensive and health information and sustain the day today running cost of the charity.

We will take all practical measures possible, to ensure sponsored content is not confused with original Living with Reflux content. Living with Reflux will label all sponsored content with the following ‘Our Sponsors’ ‘Sponsored by’ or by other means appropriate and acknowledge clearly that they had no input into the content of the Living with Reflux site.

You should also be aware that the sponsored content may contain the following:

  • While content is subject the Sponsorship and Promotions Policies Living with Reflux has agreed with them, we do not exercise any editorial control over sponsored content, and the named sponsor is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of sponsored content.
  • Within the sponsor’s content, there may be links to the sponsor’s website and other outside websites, to which we are not accountable for and will not have reviewed.
  • If you click on an advertisement or on any sponsorship content, a box may pop up asking you to respond to a survey, poll or answer a question. These boxes are controlled by the advertiser or sponsor, and any information you submit is being submitted to the advertiser. Living with Reflux has no control and accepts no responsibility for the use of the information you choose to submit.
  • Living with Reflux does not endorse any specific product, service, or treatment mentioned in any sponsored content or outside links.
  • It is important to note the sponsored content may carry the copyright of the named sponsor or the rightful copyright owner and not Living with Reflux.


Living with Reflux does not receive commissions on purchases you make when you leave Living with Reflux through the advertisements or logos unless other wise stated.

We may if using an affiliated group such as easy fundraising or Yellow moon receive a percentage of your purchase by following a link through our website or using one of our promotional codes. We will notify you clearly of any other third party groups when a commission is being received with full details.

We do receive commission on our ‘‘ within our network.

Updating this policy

Living with Reflux reserves the right to revise this advertising policy periodically. When we make significant changes that affect our advertising policies and practices, we will notify our members and sponsors. We recommend that you read our advertising policy whenever you visit our website in case you missed our notice.

Adverting enquiry

If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising with us, we have a wide range of opportunities to suit your marketing needs.

For further information and to discuss the opportunities available please email Living with Reflux –

Further inquires;

If you have any other further questions relating to the above statement one of the Living with Reflux team will be happy to help, please contact our team via the following contact options