Post Op fundoplication diet sheet

Recommended for adults only

Here is the diet sheet that john was given post fundoplication. We have put this page in the site as we have found many of our adult members are not given this type of information. Please be aware it may not be suitable for everyone, and you should take your hospitals advice.

First 2 – 8 weeks

avoid all rice, pastry, bread, fried food, fatty food, fruit, vegetables (unless pureed or very well boiled), no fizzy drinks

Week 1 Post Op

  • Breakfast – mashed up weetabix/porridge (lots of milk – very runny) Orange juice
  • Mid Morning Milky drink
  • Lunch Soup (sieved or blended to get rid of lumps) Ice cream/custard/mousse/ yogurt
  • Mid afternoon Milky drink
  • Evening Meal As per lunch
  • Supper Milky drink
  • Cups of tea/coffee/water/fruit juice as needed. Very important to keep hydrated.

Week 2 Post Op

  • Breakfast Weetabix or porridge crumbled with either milk or yogurt. Blend to comfortable consistency.
  • Fruit Juice
  • Towards the end of the week try introducing a soft fruit such as banana.
  • Mid morning Milky Drink
  • Lunch Start introducing blended/pureed/ very well boiled vegetables with some fine ground mince with in addition to soups. I also found thinly cut meats easy to eat such as the Birds Eye boil in the bag range. Mashed up fish (steamed boiled – not fried- went down well also)
  • Mid afternoon Milky drink
  • Evening meal As per lunch
  • Supper Milky Drink.
  • Plenty of fluids throughout the day

Week 3 Post Op

By now things should be starting to get easier and you will be able to gradually start re introducing a normal diet. Still avoid the hard fruits like apples and pears etc. keep on the cereal/ porridge and mix to your consistency. You may also want to try corn flakes and other cereals. I also found myself able to treat myself to eggs – boiled or scrambled but not fried.

Lunch and evening meals start returning to normal and it’s a case of experimenting to find out what your new sphincter will tolerate. Avoid tough cuts of meat, try and trim off all fat and gristle and cook slowly at a lower temperature to make extra tender. Make sure all food is eaten in small mouthfuls and chewed well and washed down with a drink if necessary. I personally started getting my appetite by week 3 and was able to manage most normal foods but anything with lots of gravy or another sauce was easy to eat eg; spaghetti bolognese.

I has beeb 6 weeks since my op and I still haven’t had bread, rice, pastry, anything fried but I have managed a couple of pints of lager!! Crispbreads are great to nibble on, biscuits are easily swallowed if well chewed and chocolate will give you that calorie boost if needed.

I was also told to avoid any processed meat such as sausages and burgers. May be I have been one of the lucky ones but I was back at work 13 days after the op, stuck to the diet and I feel fab. Stick at it – it does get easier

Hope this helps.

Page written by: John (LWR member)