Welcome to our ‘Fundraising Page’ to help get you started.

Thank you for considering to raise funds for Living with Reflux, we really appreciate the efforts of all of our volunteers. We aim to support you the best we can, with all of your ideas and events. With sponsorship forms, required letter to local authorities etc. Please note all of the funding raised will go towards providing support and information to the general public at large and the day-to-day running of Living with Reflux.

Please note there are some general points you should be aware of to keep you safe, legal and successful. In this page you will find the following information:

  • Getting started
  • Think about your event
  • Knowing the law
  • Insurance
  • Publicity
  • How to return your sponsorship

Getting started

You can quickly. Start fundraising by setting up your own sponsorship page for your event with Virgin Money Giving, who will ensure all the funding you raise for Living with Reflux is sent safely and quickly to us.

Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

Alternatively you can download and print our sponsorship forums here.

Don’t forget to encourage your friends and family to Gift Aid their donation, when they sponsor you. This adds an extra 20% to every donation – at no extra cost to you or your sponsors.

Think about your event:

First and foremost it should be fun, and feel worthwhile. So pick something you might like to do. If you enjoy it others will do too. Take a look at our fundraising ideas page if you need some inspiration, or perhaps you can come up with some ideas of your own?
Click here for more information

It is always worthwhile remembering to keep within your means. Larger scale events take a lot of thought, time, organisation and budgeting and a lot of volunteers! You can still raise large amounts of funding via smaller events with little or no financial outlay, and still have a fabulous time. Remember every penny counts however big or small.

Knowing the law

It is important to remember before you start to check what the laws are in place to keep you safe. You should also concider, do you need to obtain any permissions or licences from the local authorities and/or police. For example you may need a licence if:

  • selling alcohol
  • running raffle large

or a food and hygiene certificate if dealing with food. You will also need to apply for permission from land owners or building owners if organising events on private property.


It is important to check if you are hiring premises for an event that they hold public liability insurance. We are unable to cover you insurance wise for hazardous events or pursuits such as firework displays, bungee jumping, swimming, accidents occurring during the event. If you are unsure please contact us further.


If you are planning an event, perhaps you might like to consider letting your local/national papers or magazines know about it?

If so take a look at our‚ Press Release Guidance‘ page were we have two very easy templates you can download, and get started!

How to return your sponsorship

If you have created your own online virgin money giving page were your sponsors can donate to you online. Then all sponsorship is automatically and safely sent to us. (see link above)

If you have downloaded one of our sponsorship forms you can return your sponsorship to us via:

  • Online – you can pay in your money online via virgin money giving here
  • Post a cheque – please make the cheque payable to ‘living with reflux’ and post to:
    Living with Reflux
    Melbray, Trusthorpe Road
    Sutton on Sea
    LN12 2LN
  • Bank transfer – if you would like to send money directly to us from your bank account please email: for further information.
  • If you are sending your money to us via bank transfer or post please don’t forget to still send us your sponsorship form if you use donate the above address so we can claim your gift aid!

Don’t forget to let us know about your event and if you have any questions please email us:

All fundraising undertaken ‘in aid of Living with Reflux’ is currently undertaken independently by amazing volunteers. We do not take any responsibility or liability for these events. Unless other wise stated by us. All funds raise on behalf of us go towards providing educational material, study days, and the day today running of Living with Reflux.